20 years of experience in professional graphic design can assist you in the creation of corporate identity, folders, flyers, brochures, catalogues, post-production of images, books and everything you need for your business, wedding, birthday, presents and parties.

We can follow you from the ideas to printing, making professional files for every kind of print work, from typography to digital printing.

Send us an email at for more infos.

Scroll-down for some exemple of our past works, or choose to see only CUSTOMERS or for FRIEND and FUN works.

We also introduce a little personal project: Learning Portuguese from Italian and English. It’s usefull for us to remember the vocabulary and the verbs. We hope it could be usefull for someone else too.


Brand Manual: gallery 1


Brand Manual: gallery 2


Brochure channel partner program: gallery 1


Brochure channel partner program: gallery 2











thinking to Marta

thinking to Andre

thinking to Dorothy

thinking to Paoletta

Flavia‘s birthday gift

Christmas gift

Christmas gift

28 commenti

  • Niccolò ha detto:

    I really recommend the graphic design by Elsewhere. They have an empathic and professional way to realize what you image and they always have creative suggestions and tips.

  • Alessandro ha detto:

    Elsewhere, graphic design with great sensibility and experience, accompanied me step by step in the development of my project, combining creativity and fresh style with clarity and effectiveness in transmitting the contents. Highly recommended, really.

  • Stea ha detto:

    I take this opportunity to thank you again for your excellent work. Thanks to you I started a wonderful activity. Congratulations for your punctuality, professionalism, experience and great job!
    Keeping contact for the new flyer !!!
    thanks guys!

  • Ves Haka ha detto:

    Bellísimo lavoro! Che bel progetto vi auguro tutto il successo. Ho adorato il logo dal Battaglia! Grande lavoro 👏👍😸

  • Mariella ha detto:

    Creativity and innovation are the true values of your projects.. The experience acquired has made your solutions even more remarkable. Thanks a lot!!

  • Silvia ha detto:

    Competenti, freschi ed originali!
    Perfetti anche se non hai le idee chiare (come me) ed hai bisogno di supporto.
    Grazie ☺️

  • Michela ha detto:

    Bellissimi i progetti, creativi e davvero disponibili voi. Il meglio.

  • Alice ha detto:

    If you need a graphic designer, Nimea is the person you are looking for. Her strength is to well guiding the customer to develop the idea and, in my opinion, this is the most difficult thing. Completely satisfied of her work, her creativity and swiftness. Thanks a lot!

  • Gianni ha detto:

    From your confused idea or a simple draft, Nimea could match with a fresh, original and stylish graphic project. It was happen to me. I’m really satisfied and I highly recommend!

  • Emi ha detto:

    NIMEA’s work can be summarized in PRECISION. VERSATILITY. QUALITY

  • Janica ha detto:

    beautiful work, Nix! And love the Casa Codebo! <3

  • Charlotte ha detto:

    NImea is a good graphic designer, she is very creative and professional! I really recommend her!!

  • Isabella ha detto:

    I definitely recommend Elsewhere with no doubts. Very professional service and very creative too. A combination that is not easy to find out there. It’s a pleasure working with Nimea because her flexibility makes your life so much easier! She has a very positive approach to work and this brings great results. Her creativity mixed with her precision are the perfect recipe for excellent works. I definitely recommend her!

    • ElseWhere ha detto:

      Thank you very much Isabella! Work with you is a pleasure too, we speak the same language and you are very organized! Hope our collaboration will go on for a long!

  • At Indy Scooters we had our brand manual done by Elsewhere and it was definitely the right choice. Nimea was able to pick up from the point at which our previous graphic designer had left it and continued developing our visual identity adding some thoughtful touches. The work was professional throughout, with good communication and the necessary flexibility, they allow for 2 modifications of each item included the quoted price, but in our case it was mostly unnecessary because the work was pretty much what we hoped for from the beginning. We got all the materials in a nice tidy bundle with the different formats we might need for the different items. As we say here in Portugal “Cinco Estrelas!”, that is: Five stars, for Elsewhere’s work. Thank you!!

    • ElseWhere ha detto:

      Hi Clara and Jordi. We’re very happy that you appreciated or work and our method. Work with you was a pleasure, you are very kind and nice people.
      Hope our collaboration will continue for a long!

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